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Freedom and flexibility. If you need to make an appointment immediately CLICK HERE.

We schedule treatment dates individually according to your appointment calendar and coordinate these with your personal and business obligations.

During our scheduling we make sure that you do not have or have very short waiting periods.
Should there be increased waiting times in the event of emergency, we will of course inform you promptly and try to make your lengthened stay as pleasant as possible.
If you have acute complaints, call us. We make adjustments for you and prepare everything necessary.

If you cannot make it to an appointment, please contact us in time! This way we can give valuable treatment time to another patient and ensure the smooth running of the practice.

If you have a long journey, we take care of your accommodation as well as the transfer between airport, hotel and practice upon consultation.

You are in good hands with us – trust our competent team, and you will feel good all around.

Call us or send us an e-mail:
Tel.:      +(718)876-8100 

Appointments by prior arrangement. 

Consultation hours:
Monday: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm
Tuesday:  8.30 am - 7.00 pm
Wednesday:  8.30 am - 6.00 pm
Thursday:  8.30 am - 7.00 pm

If problems arise after a procedure, we are of course reachable for our clients outside of office hours! In this case, we will give you an emergency number.


Individuality. The patient is the focus.

The success of a tooth reconstruction is not possible without an exact analysis of the existing situation and definition of the treatment goal. Every patient also has different concerns and expectations. Therefore accurate planning and diagnostics precede every treatment – tailor-made to fit your personal needs.

A detailed consultation gives you the opportunity to find out about, weigh and decide on each detail of your treatment. That way nothing stands in the way of your optimal care; all open questions should be answered.

Treatment plan – Your treatment is composed of different sections, which generally build on one another. When planning a treatment, the important steps for you are discussed and the treatment goals are individually specified, because a systematic and structured planning offers treatment safety and minimizes failures.

Scheduling – Quality takes time. Your entire treatment plan has a specified timeline from the outset and is organized according to your appointment possibilities. Our flexibility gives you time.

Cost plan – The value of your treatment is again reflected in a personalized cost plan. This transparently informs you and your insurer about the planned and necessary treatment process.

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