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Have a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies

Do you have a tooth ache or a broken tooth? Read through all the information given below and take the necessary steps to handle it at home before you visit our dental clinic in Staten Island.

What Is a Dental Emergency?
Here are some of the common dental emergencies we deal with here at Texas Grins:

Broken Teeth – Breaks are very dangerous, and painful. We will help you find relief from the pain, protect your tooth from further damage, and restore your smile. Often, we can fix broken teeth with same-day crowns. The inside of your mouth is full of bacteria that can cause infection, so let us seal your tooth right away to prevent problems.

Knocked-Out Tooth – If you have a tooth knocked out, it is important to get here fast. The longer your tooth is outside your mouth, the harder it is for the dentist to place it back. Rinse any debris off the tooth, and put it into a cup of milk. The calcium will help keep the tooth alive while you travel to the office. If for some reason we can’t save your tooth, we may recommend placing a dental implant.

Infected Teeth / Toothache – Dental infections can spread and claim other teeth in your mouth. They can also cause even more serious health problems if left unchecked. Let Dr Cisternas and his team help you beat your dental infection today. 

We offer painless root canals to save infected teeth from extraction.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a non-emergency visit, you can call or use our online form. We are here to help you, any time, any day. When your dental health is at risk, we will do everything we can to make sure that you're treated as soon as possible. While dental emergencies are rare, they can happen, and it's important to know how to take care of your teeth no matter what. 

Common dental emergencies include:

Broken or cracked tooth/teeth
Broken jaw
Permanent tooth knocked out
Object caught between teeth
Severe toothache

If you cannot make it to an appointment, please contact us in time! This way we can give valuable treatment time to another patient and ensure the smooth running of the practice.