All-On-Four Q&A

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All-On-Four Q&A

All-on-X (All-on-4® or All-on-6®) dental implants can support a stable denture that replaces all teeth in your upper or lower jaw, restoring your ability to eat and speak comfortably. At Bay Dental in the St. George and Great Kills areas of Staten Island, New York, dentists Anthony Cirillo, DDS, and Vincent Circosta, DDS, offer All-on-4 and All-on-6 dental implants with custom dentures. Schedule an appointment over the phone or online to find out if you’re a candidate today. 

What is All-on-X?

All-on-X is shorthand for All-on-4 and All-on-6, which are two treatments that use dental implants to replace all of the teeth in either your upper or lower arch. A single dental implant can support one crown to replace a missing tooth, but replacing all of your teeth with individual dental implants for each one would compromise the structure of your jaw. 


By using just a few dental implants to support a denture, you preserve the strength of your jawbone and can continue to bite, chew, and speak normally. The team at Bay Dental decides how many implants to use after evaluating your jaw. They may need to use a bone graft to strengthen your jaw if any resorption has occurred. 

Who can benefit from All-on-X?

All-on-X dental implants can benefit you if you’re missing all or most of your upper or lower rows of teeth. If you still have a couple of teeth left, the team at Bay Dental might suggest extracting them, especially if they’re in poor condition. That way, you can get a full denture for that row of teeth and place it on All-on-X dental implants. 


You might lose your teeth because of:


  • A traumatic injury
  • An oral infection or disease
  • Aging
  • An autoimmune disorder


In any case, the team at Bay Dental develops a treatment plan to restore your chewing and speaking abilities. They decide if it’s better to use four or six implants in your case according to the size and strength of your jaw. 

What is the process of getting All-on-X?

After any necessary extractions or bone graft surgeries, your jaw is ready for the implant placement process. The team at Bay Dental plans your treatment using advanced digital imaging and X-rays. 


When it’s time for the surgery, they administer anesthesia to numb your mouth and make incisions in your gums to expose your jawbone. They embed the implants, which look like tiny screws, in your jawbone before closing the incisions. Immediately, they can attach a temporary denture onto the implants that you use as you heal. 


Your jawbone fuses with the implants over time. Using impressions and images of your teeth and jaw, the team creates a custom permanent denture that they attach to the implants after you’ve healed. 


Find out if you’re a candidate for All-on-X dental implants by scheduling an appointment over the phone or online at Bay Dental today.