Restorations Q&A

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Restorations Q&A

Dental restorations can fill out your smile by covering and protecting broken teeth or replacing teeth in their entirety. At Bay Dental in the St. George and Great Kills areas of Staten Island, New York, dentists Anthony Cirillo, DDS, and Vincent Circosta, DDS, create restorations using computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. Find out more about the restorations you need by scheduling an appointment over the phone or online at Bay Dental today. 

What are dental restorations?

In dentistry, restorations are devices that restore your chewing ability, speaking ability, or the general structure of a tooth. When teeth break or are compromised by decay or disease, they’re vulnerable to additional issues like more breakage or a spreading infection. A restoration can either reinforce an existing tooth or take its place entirely for the good of your oral health. 


Restorations prevent new or worsening problems with your oral health. They prevent decay, which can cause extensive pain. Some of them even allow you to keep teeth that would otherwise need extractions. 


The team at Bay Dental evaluates your oral health and the tooth in question during your treatment consultation. Before you get restorations, they treat any oral health issues like cavities or gum disease that might affect the process. 

What are my options for dental restorations?

Bay Dental offers several restoration types that you or a loved one might need at some point to preserve your oral health and function. You can get:


Crowns are devices that can replace singular entire teeth or cover and protect teeth you still have. The team at Bay Dental creates crowns that look nearly identical to your natural teeth and can place them over dental implants or individual teeth with some of their enamel removed. 


Bridges are restorations that replace missing teeth. They have one or more false teeth, called pontics. They also include either a metal framework or dental crowns to anchor onto nearby teeth. 


Fillings are not custom-made like crowns and bridges, but they are a type of restoration. The Bay Dental team uses them to fill cavities after removing the decay. 

What goes into making restorations?

The team at Bay Dental crafts all restorations using digital impressions of your teeth. They also color-match the restorations using materials that come in many shades of white, just like natural teeth do.


Digital impressions eliminate the need for messy, sticky molds that were once used for all dental impressions. Digital impressions are more comfortable and often more precise than conventional molds. 


Bay Dental uses computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to create restorations. Using the digital images and impressions of your teeth, a machine fabricates your permanent crown or bridge. 


Find out if you can benefit from getting dental restorations by scheduling an appointment over the phone or online at Bay Dental today.